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Welcome on the webblog of Barontoo, the first Belgian blog listed as a WAYMARK. I started this blog in July 2005 in my mothertongue Dutch. But since it is listed as a Waymark I continue to write my comments in English. So take a look at it, post somewhere a comment and do not forget to log it! To do so click on the 1st link in the left frame hereunder and click then on "Visit Waymark (Post log)". Thanks!

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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Saturday August 20, 2005

Where will I place my new cache

In the afternoon I went out to look for a place to hide a new cache. It will probably be a multicache. I can not hide a cache here:
The Arches

But a WP on the top of it will do fine. But where to hide a ammobox here?
Rue de la Loi