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Welcome on the webblog of Barontoo, the first Belgian blog listed as a WAYMARK. I started this blog in July 2005 in my mothertongue Dutch. But since it is listed as a Waymark I continue to write my comments in English. So take a look at it, post somewhere a comment and do not forget to log it! To do so click on the 1st link in the left frame hereunder and click then on "Visit Waymark (Post log)". Thanks!

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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Friday December 9, 2005

The Coin Quest

On November 12 the Coin Quest started. This worldwide geocaching game interested me: winners would win a unique geocoin!
I started to look for caches with the requirements the quest needed. On December 7 I could log the 16th cache and I received the last part of the puzzle map. I did know already the final answer as all 3 Belgian cachers taking part in this quest worked together to find it.
So Merel won the 111st coin, Geowitch the 187th and I the 215th. We were proud to find our names between the many American cachers, some of Germany, the Netherlands and one from the UK. You will find the list of the winners here.