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Welcome on the webblog of Barontoo, the first Belgian blog listed as a WAYMARK. I started this blog in July 2005 in my mothertongue Dutch. But since it is listed as a Waymark I continue to write my comments in English. So take a look at it, post somewhere a comment and do not forget to log it! To do so click on the 1st link in the left frame hereunder and click then on "Visit Waymark (Post log)". Thanks!

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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Friday August 26, 2005

What a week!

I am glad this week is over! I had to work very hard - even more than usually - only because tomorrow we are taking some holidays. In the morning we are leaving home for a week "dolce far niente" in a superb hotel in Badenweiler, the Aquae Villae in the South-East corner of Germany, nearby the French and Swish border. It is only 550 km away so we will go by car and take our hound with us! We will be back on Sunday September 4, 2005.
I hope to find there a WiFi-Hotspot so that I can continue to feed this blog.
In the meantime enjoy yourself and if you go out geocaching, I wish you all a lot of "Found it's".