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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Friday Februar 3, 2006

Caching with GPSlug from Canada

Today I met in Brussels GPSlug, an American cacher living in Calgary, Canada. I picked him up at his hotel and off we went for 2 caches.
In the northern part of Brussels we started with "De (FC) Brug(ge) Cache". First we thought that we could find our way to the stash by using a way leading to a farm. The farmer we met told us that it was impossible that way and he showed us a path further on. He was very friendly and we took some pictures of his cow.Some cows ...

GPSlug spotted the cache immediately. At The other side of the bridge!
It was a micro, a filmcannister with a logbook, with a second box near it with some goodies. Was this box a penismeter??Penismeter?
Then we went to the SE of Brussels to find the cache of "St Reinelda". In the middle of the fields of a small village we found the holy source of St Reinelda. Rather special that source. We had never seen someting like that. The holy source
Then we drove 3 km further to find WP2. From there it was a nice walk along a polluted river and 3 other WP's that were all easily spotted. We found the cache between the roots of 4 trees. I was glad that GPSlug putted a Calgary Cachers Geocoin in it. So I could take it out ...
Thanks GPSlug for this nice day. I enjoyed it very much. Hope one day I can do some geocaching in your region.