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Welcome on the webblog of Barontoo, the first Belgian blog listed as a WAYMARK. I started this blog in July 2005 in my mothertongue Dutch. But since it is listed as a Waymark I continue to write my comments in English. So take a look at it, post somewhere a comment and do not forget to log it! To do so click on the 1st link in the left frame hereunder and click then on "Visit Waymark (Post log)". Thanks!

Mijn foto
Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Saturday April 8, 2006

Central Park 1 (GCV7XC)

This morning I went to find this new cache in the center of Brussels. I wanted to be the first one to log.
At WP1 - just at 9 o'clock - I met the owner: zekats. He came to controle if WP2 was accesible. We agreed to meet each other at the stash and I went to find WP1. All WP's were easy to find after a walk in the park. I could log a FTF at 09:50.
View from WP2
Afterwards I did the maintenance of the SABENA cache. Some geocachers were complaining about the bad state of this cache.

Saturday April 1, 2006

No-nonsens event (GCRA10)

Together with 5 other geocachers we formed a team to find the 6 caches of this event. In the morning the rain was falling down over the woods of the "Kluisbos" but we managed to find 2 caches.
In the afternoon the weather was better and we even had some son. At 6 PM we had found 4 caches. But when we left that beautiful region for our home co-ordinates we had found all caches of this superb event with more than 80 geocachers.
We received this souvenir from the organiser Lucky Kesj.

Thanks for this souvenir!