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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Saturday March 18, 2006

42 new caches along a railway line!

From 1885 until 2003, "Die Vennbahn" served as an ever changing military, civil or touristical/historical railway. The most recent use has been as a touristical line with historical locomotives. At the end of 2003, the line has been closed down, due to a political decision, not to provide the money for necessary maintenance. This still hurts ...
As a result of the Treaty of Versailles, the part from Raeren to Kalterherberg was defined as Belgian territory, although it runs nearly completely through Germany.
Now, a German geocaching team (Stormy, Motoracer and Eagle Theo) placed 42 new caches along this line.
Yesterday I had an hour to spend during a seminaire in a hotel in that region. So I tried to find the cache "Vennbahn, Bahnhof Sourbrot", but as I did not find it I had to log a DNF. I did not know what I was looking for and there was almost a meter of snow at the cacheplace!
Bahnhof Sourbrot
Only 2 km away was laying a second one: "Vennbahn, Bahnhof Robertville". And this one I found: it was a film cannister with only a logbook. So I suppose that all 42 caches are of the same shape. One day ... I will find these all!

Sunday March 13, 2006

After "The Night of The Bat"

Yesterday I attended an event in the Antwerp region: "The Night of The Bat". 10 new caches were waiting to be found by more than 70 geocachers. With our team we could find 7 caches and then we decided to stop and go back home. It was already 2.30 in the morning.
I was in bed at 4 o'clock. I must admit that I did not do a lot today. Of course I logged al the caches we found and many, many Travel Bugs I had seen, together with some new coins. My list of icons in my stats is growing!
I took once again a picture of the contruction works in front of our house. Last Wednesday we were invited by the architects of this building at the official opening of the sales ...
La Belle Chanson