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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday June 6, 2006

International Geocaching

I found my last 24 caches in 3 different countries!
On May 23 and 24, I was for my job in Madrid (Spain). During the night I could find one cache (see hereunder). On May 26, I left Brussels together with my friend geocacher Calocybe, for an event in the South of Paris (France). On our way to the event we found 3 caches. The day after vnc organised the "78 Tour" event. During this splendid day we found 7 caches. There was of course also a night cache we found. And on our way back to Brussels, on Sunday May 28 we could log 3 caches.
On Monday May 29 I left home for a one week holiday with my wife in the Black Forest (Germany). During our stay there I could search for 11 caches. I logged 9 Found it's and 2 DNF! And I was very glad to meet VidasKasko, a local geocacher.