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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Saturday September 10, 2005

Caching with Skree

Today I went caching with an American geocacher. His ID is Skree, he is a member of GEOCKY, a group of geocachers in Kentucky (USA) but nowadays he is living in Leuven, Belgium.
We did the "Quinque Altaria" cache, a walk of 8 km with 16 WP's. Although we did not find WP12, we could continue our way to the stash that was easily found. Skree brought a Jeep 4x4 Travel Bug from the States. I was glad to grabb it. It will soon be placed in another Belgian cache.

Jeep 4x4 TB #707


Blogger GEO** said...

I am glad to see you found a yellow jeep.
I bet they are rare there.
I just ran across the first of 2 white jeeps the other day.
We have a National Public Lands day event coming up on the 24 so I have placed them in there.

And now that your accuracy is within 1 meter can you find caches easier?
I like it here it is great to use,makes it almost like cheating.
But hey if you have a tool use it!!!

Thanks for placing your blog on waymarking.
May we meet on the trails until then


6:35 p.m.  

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