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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Thursday February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

"We will drink a glass of water for our Valentine" so said my wife! You have to know that we are both at home with a serious flu! I could not go to work on Tuesday and since then I can not see any food, only a coffee or a Coke light and a lot of water I can drink. And I sleep most of the time. I did not know that I can sleep that much.
And when I am awake, I am not motivate to do something. I even do not answer my e-mails! Looking out of the window, I saw that the building in front of our home is almost finished. I published here already some pictures (the first on February 19, 2006 and then on March 13 and September 3, 2006) of this construction site. Now, almost 2 years later it is almost ready to receive the first new neighbours.

In the meantime my cache "Stop building in Woluwe" has been found by 226 geocachers and is thus one of the most visited caches in Belgium.