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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Sunday April 30, 2006

Caching near Saint-Tropez

Together with Calocybe and our wifes we spend a great weekend at the Mediterrean Sea. On Friday April 28 we took at 9.25AM a TGV in the Brussels South station and we arrived in the afternoon at 3.39PM in Toulon. There we hired a car to drive to Le Lavandou, where Calocybe is the owner of a small holiday house.
On Saturday we walked around in Le Lavandou and enjoyed the good weather. Some people were already swimming in the sea!
On Sunday we went all together to do some geocaching. We started with "Le Chateau Grimaud". We found the stash rather quickly and we enjoyed the view on the bay of Saint-Tropez and the mill of Grimaud.
Calocybe overlooking the bay
Next cache we did was "Sur le chemin au St Tropez" (GCGTQ8). We did not find the film cannister as it disappeared already a long time ago. But there was also a possibility to log this one after sending some words we found at the cache place to the owner. This stash is situated in the port of Grimaud, where we even had the possibilty to take the boat!
And the last cache of today was situated in St Tropez. The port of this little town was crowded but to find the "Millionaire's View" we had to climb up to the citadel, a fort located on a hill. The view was superb and the cache quickly located but ... not so easy to access.
View of Saint-Tropez
Afterwards we had a beer nearby the magnificent boats in the port.
It was a nice weekend!