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Locatie: Brussels, Belgium

Wednesday May 24, 2006

A cache in Madrid

Today I had a meeting in the office of SENER, a engineering office, that is working togeter with "my" company TUC RAIL at the new high-speed line between Perpignan (Fr) and Figueras (Es).
So I arrived yesterday evening together with a manager in the center of Madrid. We found a nice and not so expensive hotel in the center of Madrid, near to the Puerta del Sol. After eating some tapaz and having a good "Muga Reserva"-wine we went back to the hotel and I left it again a few minutes later to find "Raton Pérez S.A.". After counting the coins in the front of a building next to our hotel, it was only a small walk to arrive at the place nearby the royal palace, where I could locate the stash rather ealisly. I logged a found-it at 00.30h and walk back to the hotel ...
The royal palace